Keep your business and customers safe this winter.

Winter months can be hazardous, so business owners should keep their establishment safe by implementing a few simple practices. It's a good way to avoid risk and injury to customers as well as employees. Here are three great practices to keep a safe work sidewalk_slipenvironment:

1. Use salt to remove ice at entry points. Spread salt in the morning before the start of business to give the salt time to melt ice. Be sure to keep a bucket handy near all entry points for both customers and employees

2. Keep hard floors like vinyl and ceramic dry. Wet floors can lead to slips and falls. All weather mats are a great way to absorb water, as well as mud and salt, that can be tracked in by foot traffic. It's also a good idea to keep a mop in a convenient location to wipe up any excess water not captured by mats.

3. Watch for standing water. When salting melts ice and snow, be sure to squeegee away the puddles, especially at the end of the day, or they will form an ice slick by morning. Keep a squeegee in your tools.

By keeping an eye on the weather and conditions, business owners can keep a safe workplace through the winter.

AJAX Launches New Website

AJAX is proud to announce the launch of their new website. "In order to better serve our clients and partners, we upgraded our entire web based system," explains AJAX President Ted Paros. "The new website utilizes cutting-edge technology that gives our customers a better, simpler online experience."

In addition to the full line of corporate workwear and apparel, the AJAX website has an entire suite of features including the ability to order custom embroidered products, upload custom artwork and designate placement on the item. New customers to AJAX are welcome to learn about the rich history of the company, as well as discover the full scope of AJAX's capabilities that help business owners operate more efficiently.The website technology is 100% phone and tablet responsive, offering mobile device users a streamlined and simplified web experience. This state-of-the-art technology is a huge benefit to AJAX customers and partners, and makes ordering online clothing a snap.

  • Embroidery or Screen Print?
    If you run a business and you are looking to promote your company by producing branded uniforms or clothing, then you're on the right track. There's no better way to improve company image than through clean, professional uniforms with your logo on them.

    But you may need to decide which is better for you- screen print or embroidery? Embroidered items can cost a little more, but they have a much higher value perception, and that reflects better on your company. The quality will last longer since the embroidery won’t fade away with the passing of years and tons of washes like screen print.

    You should also understand that an embroidered logo literally stands out from your item. Screen printing sets a very fine layer of ink to your product. Whereas embroidery has more mass to it so it will rest slightly higher than your item.

    Also the majority of embroidered items allow for you to have multiple colors without having to pay extra. The allowance of extra colors makes embroidery ideal for schools and organizations who have a multi-color logo and don’t want to simplify their color palate.

    Here's a helpful tip — if you’re looking at a fuzzy or fleece item, it’s better to go with an embroidered application. Due to the uneven nature of fleece, screen printed logos have the tendency to crack or flake off.

    Screen print does hold value in the right situations. It is more cost effective, so if you have a lower budget or plan to give away a lot of promo items, screen print may be the way to go.

    Talk to your AJAX representative about your objectives and your budget, and he will give you the best options.

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